Individuals and Families.

Our role as financial advisors for individuals and couples is to help you focus on your goals and show you your next steps.

  • We bring years of experience and wisdom to help you make informed decisions
  • We help you face obstacles in every phase of your life

  • We work to understand your aspirations and goals

  • We provide regular check-ins and check-ups to help you understand where your finances stand
Financial Advice for Individuals, Families, and Businesses in Durango, CO
Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners.

We help businesses save and invest hard earned money and build retirement plans

  • Open investment accounts for your business. Invest your hard earned money.

  • Hire and retain great employees by offering a retirement plan for them. We can help you set it up and manage it.

  • Looking to make a large purchase in your business? Call us and we can be a sounding board for you.

  • Let us look at your insurance needs and advise you on the coverage you need as a business owner.

Relocated Retirees.

We can help if you are retiring to Durango or cities beyond. We can help with transferring 401Ks, and other retirement funds you may have in other states.

  • Discuss budgetary considerations
  • Help you assess your cost of living

  • Review estate documents

  • Create or review your income plan

Relocated Retirees

Get a personal consultation.