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We will work together to determine your desired retirement lifestyle and map out the path to get you there.

We will guide you through the many decisions that will affect your quality of life in retirement, such as the best way to take social security, what accounts to draw down first, and help determine the lowest level of risk that you need to be exposed to, to comfortably achieve your desired retirement.

The benefit of working with us is getting objective, fiduciary responsible financial advice. We hope to be your go to advisor on any financial decision.

Steve Pease – Certified Financial Planner in Durango, CO

Planning and Investment Philosophy

I work with small businesses and people of average means to help you plan for the investment risk you need to take.

It all starts with a financial plan first. Once we can get that into place, you’re going to naturally feel more secure about the investments we decide upon.

We start with identifying where you are spending your money, or where your business is spending. Then, begin the important work of figuring out how much you need to have to retire the way you dream about.

By nature, I lean towards very solid, long-term investments that we periodically review. I believe that with this solid plan, we “stay the course” even if the market fluctuates.

Steve is best suited to work with clients who are:

Client Profile

Wants to be sure they are saving enough money.

It’s a simple but important question, and one that many people need help with. I can help you identify where you are spending your money and how much you need to have to retire.

Has questions about IRAs.

If you’ve changed jobs or have opened your own business you might be confused about what to do about your various IRA accounts. I can make sure that you’re on the right track.

Needs a clear view of Retirement.

Most people have a very clear vision of what they would like retirement to look like. I help you understand what it’s going to take to get there, and find the right investments to grow.

Why Work with a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

Extensive training

To earn the CFP® designation, designees had to complete an approved educational program, pass a rigorous examination and meet stringent experience requirements

A trusted partner

Honesty and transparency is important when it comes to dealing with your finances. We’re committed to represent our clients with a high level of competency and professionalism.

Code of Ethics

Additionally CFP® professional have to  adhere to a professional Code of Ethics and fulfill annual continuing education requirements to remain aware of current planning strategies and financial trends.

A clear roadmap for success

Working with a CFP® Professional provides you with the peace of mind that who you are working with has been trained to guide you through a complete financial plan.

Unbiased Advice with Uncompromising Service

We’re a small firm of responsive fiduciaries who will give you honest advice about all your financial decisions. We help good people live their best life at every stage of life.

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