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My mission is helping people to grow their wealth. I truly love working with people who are in the accumulation stage of their life or business.

I help them understand why they should invest and how to build real assets for themselves so they are in a better position to retire when the time comes.

I believe that everyone needs a “go-to” person to ask questions about money, and to help them work through money mindsets. I want to be that person for my clients so they don’t delay investing because they feel uninformed or embarrassed.

Matt Hoaglin CFP® – Investment Advisor in Durango, CO

Planning and Investment Philosophy

We all know that planning today means reaching goals in the future, but sometimes life doesn’t show us that map until we are in motion.

I help people who are in the stages of their lives where their lives are often changing; whether that’s taking that new job or opening a business of your own.

Opportunities will always come and go, but having someone on your side to act as an advisor and a sounding board makes the process much easier.

I like to think of investing like a Lego model. Each part the piece forms together slowly and carefully to form the bigger picture. That’s what I help people do, so they can see both the little and the big results.

Matt is best suited to work with clients who are:

Client Profile

Needs help with their small business.

I love talking and strategizing with small business openers because I’ve been one myself. It can feel very scary and isolating when you realize you may not have enough to retire someday. I can help you make that plan and reduce your stress.

Wants guidance on saving for education.

Making the right choices for your children’s education is top of mind for parents, especially with costs rising every year. I can help form a plan that makes sure that you are saving the right amount and that your investments continue to grow until they are ready to leave the nest.

Need help with saving outside of retirement.

If you’re saving for a larger purchase such as a car, down payment on a home or even that dream vacation, I can show you ways to maximize that money. There are smart ways to invest that money beyond low-interest savings accounts!

Why Work with a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

Extensive training

To earn the CFP® designation, designees had to complete an approved educational program, pass a rigorous examination and meet stringent experience requirements

A trusted partner

Honesty and transparency is important when it comes to dealing with your finances. We’re committed to represent our clients with a high level of competency and professionalism.

Code of Ethics

Additionally CFP® professional have to  adhere to a professional Code of Ethics and fulfill annual continuing education requirements to remain aware of current planning strategies and financial trends.

A clear roadmap for success

Working with a CFP® Professional provides you with the peace of mind that who you are working with has been trained to guide you through a complete financial plan.

Unbiased Advice with Uncompromising Service

We’re a small firm of responsive fiduciaries who will give you honest advice about all your financial decisions. We help good people live their best life at every stage of life.

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