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My mission is to help you simplify your financial house so you can focus on the things in life that are more important than money.

I am dedicated to helping my clients “Retire Successfully.”

For still-working clients, it is to assist them to best prepare for a long and confident retirement. For retired clients, it is to assure that they enjoy the highest possible standard of living with steady income and stable savings that will be there when needed most.

Planning Philosophy

“If you don’t know the past, you can’t understand the present and plan properly for the future.”    Davita’s Harp,  Chaim Potok.

I believe in having a plan of action for living your Ideal Life and that starts with knowing your financial house is in order.

I also think there is more to living your Ideal Life  than just money can provide. So I strive to get to know you, and the values and ideals that are important to you. We can then align your overall financial strategy toward accomplishing those values, helping you have your Ideal Life.

What is the foundation of this help? The key to a good plan is using conservative assumptions based on historically relevant data. Then, even when the world doesn’t go “according to plan” you will very likely still have a successful outcome.

All the planning in the world, will be of no help, if you don’t follow through. I will be there to help when the inevitable downturns occur. I will also be around to update your plan and make sure you are still on track.


Many people don’t know they could significantly improve their lifestyle. Financial planning can reveal the potential to change careers, retire early, make gifts or have the ability to take nice vacations every year without financial worry. An investment in financial planning can allow you to change your life for the better.

For those transitioning into retirement, the financial focus shifts from savings to spending and income management. We provide the financial acumen needed to create a prudent income distribution plan incorporating our clients’ unique retirement goals, objectives and preferences.

Dave is best suited to work with clients who are:

Client Profile

Partnering with my clients and helping them be successful is why I changed careers and what I am most passionate about.  An introductory meeting serves as a way for us to get to know each other and determine if we are a FIT for working together.

If you want a financial advisor to be proactive, provide continual guidance, help you think through financial decisions and keep you on track, then Dave might be the right advisor for you.

My primary focus is working with educated professionals who don’t live beyond their means, don’t carry excessive debt and want to partner with an advisor who share their values. My clients typically fall into one of these three life stages (75% in the first two stages)

Retirement Red Zone

In the 5 years before or after your retirement, the main focus is to create and implement a solid plan for your transition into retirement. I help you to prepare and make any necessary adjustments.

Retired and Active

Individuals and families in retirement want to establish a consistent income stream, mitigate taxes, and preserve wealth. I take care of the details so that you can enjoy the retirement you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Pre-retirement and Wealth Accumulation Phase

10 to 20 years before you retire, we focus on helping you save for retirement, pay down debt, and provide for your children’s education. 25% of my clients fall into this category

My Investment Philosophy

Clients often come to me because they are unsure if they have the right investments to meet their goals and perhaps want a second opinion. Determining this is a function of financial planning.  Investment management and financial planning are inextricably linked.

Also in making this determination, I consider the most important elements to be diversification and risk. Greater return comes from taking on greater risk, which can be mitigated with diversification. Rather than striving for the highest possible returns, I seek the best return for the level of risk that is appropriate and required to meet your goals.

Overall here are my tenets of what is important.

  1. Successful investing depends on a belief in the future.
  2. Investing is a tool to achieve your financial goals.
  3. The mix of stocks, bond and cash determines most portfolio behavior.
  4. Since the future is unknowable, diversify to spread the risk.
  5. Structure portfolios to pursue characteristics of higher expected returns.
  6. Investing costs matter.
  7. Attempting to time the market is a loser’s game in the long run.
  8. Real life investing returns depend on large part on investor behavior.

My investment approach incorporates: 

  •    The need for liquidity perhaps to generate income or as an emergency fund.
  •   Risk profiling to understand your tolerance for risk.
  •   Understanding time horizons.
  •   Effective tax planning to minimize your liability.
  •   Working with strategic partners for fund selection.
  • Providing my clients a quarterly portfolio report separate from the custodian that is easy to understand and shows the portfolio’s true rate of return, net of all fees.

Why Work with a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

Extensive training

To earn the CFP® designation, designees had to complete an approved educational program, pass a rigorous examination and meet stringent experience requirements

A trusted partner

Honesty and transparency is important when it comes to dealing with your finances. We’re committed to represent our clients with a high level of competency and professionalism.

Code of Ethics

Additionally CFP® professional have to  adhere to a professional Code of Ethics and fulfill annual continuing education requirements to remain aware of current planning strategies and financial trends.

A clear roadmap for success

Working with a CFP® Professional provides you with the peace of mind that who you are working with has been trained to guide you through a complete financial plan.

Unbiased Advice with Uncompromising Service

We’re a small firm of responsive fiduciaries who will give you honest advice about all your financial decisions. We help good people live their best life at every stage of life.

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