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Well Matt Hoaglin was able to get away for work.  He was recently invited to speak at a photography conference about personal finance and had a great time doing so!

The conference was hosted by SYNC, a platform that connects photographers with each other and valuable resources for their craft. Matt had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with many talented photographers and was impressed by their passion for their work.

During his talk, Matt shared practical tips and insights about personal finance, hoping to help the photographers and others in attendance. He valued the opportunity to connect with the community and share his professional experience in a new setting.

Matt was inspired by the creativity and dedication of the photographers who attended the conference, leaving him feeling energized. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from each other.

Not only was the photography conference an incredible opportunity for financial advisor Matt Hoaglin, but it also allowed him and his wife, Allison, who is a photographer herself, to enjoy some sunny Florida weather.

While in town for the conference, Matt and Allison were able to take a day off to visit the iconic Disney World theme park. They were able to enjoy the warm, 80-degree weather, explore the various attractions and indulge in the park’s many culinary delights.

For Matt and Allison, the trip was the perfect combination of business and pleasure, and they both returned to their respective work feeling refreshed and energized. The couple had a wonderful time experiencing all that Florida had to offer and were grateful for the opportunity to attend the photography conference while also enjoying some much-needed relaxation time.

Overall, Matt had an incredible time at the SYNC photography conference and is grateful for the chance to speak about personal finance. He always finds it rewarding to share his knowledge with others and help them achieve their financial goals. The invitation was greatly appreciated by Matt, and he thanks SYNC for having him.

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