What is financial planning?

It’s a step-by-step plan to help you accomplish your life goals. A great financial plan is fluid and follows you throughout your lifetime. This allows you to feel freedom and control over your future and eventually retire to enjoy the rest of your life worry-free when it comes to finances.

Why is working with a fiduciary so important?

When you work with an advisor who is bound to the standards of being a fiduciary, you are assured that you are getting investment advice that is in your best interest. Fiduciaries are required by law to be open and transparent about where your money is being invested and why. Fiduciaries are also bound to report any conflicts of interest should they arise, and must regularly review your accounts and report to you on the status.

Why do I need someone to manage my investments?

We understand what could bring you the optimal income for your money and your life goals. We also help you with making behavioral and emotional choices that could impact your investments. Simply put, our focus is to help your money grow to meet your financial needs, and we use the knowledge we have to make intelligent decisions with your money.

What is Oxford’s philosophy?

We’re client-led, which helps us make better market decisions. We believe that understanding you, your family, and your business means that we have a bigger picture of what wealth means to you. We’re a small firm of fiduciaries that provide outstanding service and a standard of care that is the heart of our firm.

Is there a fee for an initial meeting?

None at all. We’re happy to spend some time with you to see if we’re a good fit for you.

Why do I need to work with a financial planner?

Money can be a sensitive subject, and many people have learned beliefs inherited from parents or financial setbacks in their life. These experiences most definitely play into how we view wealth and money management. We’re here to help you unravel facts from feelings with sound financial planning that will make you feel more secure in your investments and your future.

When can I retire?

That’s a question we’d love to answer for you. Retiring really isn’t about age anymore; many people love to work and want to work well past the standard retirement age of 66. A better question is, when can you afford to stop relying on a paycheck? By wisely investing your money, you can choose what “work” means to you now, and what your life plan is beyond work.

What will my retirement look like?

We’re believers in a personalized plan when it comes to retirement. What does that look like for you? Someone who wants to retire to a beach home in Malibu has different goals than a modest townhome here in Durango. Our job is to show you what life could look like and then help you make a plan to get there when it comes to your retirement.

What makes Oxford a good pick for me?

We’re a good fit for you if you like honest people, straight talk, and help every step of the way when you need it.

Do I need to live in Durango Colorado?

No, but if you do we’d love to meet you in person. While many of our clients are local, we have plenty of folks from around the country that we are proud to serve and meet with virtually or on the phone when needed.

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